Due to the importance and complexity of the project, the customer was looking for a service provider who could take care not only of the mere transportation of the particular vehicles but who was also able to handle the entire procedure i.e.: making sure that the US manufacturer built the trucks abiding by the EU regulations, moving to Italy, temporary import, customs, government testing procedure and license plates for allowing the vehicles to circulate during the operations period in Italy, as such particular vehicles had never been imported to Europe

the service provided was:

• Consultancy to the manufacturer on vehicles requirements for EU

• Multimodal transportation from EXW to Final customer destination

• Customs clearance

• Assistance for temporary import guarantee issuance

• Obtainment of Certificate of Approval issued by CPA

• Truck registration and obtainment of license plates


The customer expressed his highest appreciation for the service, and we at Delta Novel are incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to serve the Israeli and Italian authorities with such an important project.

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